We are two friends, Grettel and Meilynwho get together once a week to ramble about books on our podcast: Two Book Ramblers. Each week, we compile a list of books for a given theme, talk about them, and feature some ways to further enjoy them: inspiration for traveling, food with a literary tie-in, memorable covers, adaptations, book battles, guessing games, six-word reviews, and more book candy. We look forward to meet you!

Grettel is a book glutton! She would read books on many genres, of any length, in any format. She only draws the line at language, since she can only read in English and Spanish, so far ;). She is a mom and wife, with an appetite for traveling too.

Meilyn is a book superhero! By day, she has a regular office job, but by night she can read a book while looking fabulous, managing her home, helping kids do homework, walking the dog, exercising, getting a degree, and catching up with friends. Other superpowers include being an awesome mom, wife, and friend.


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