Ep. 0. Testing...testing...: Introducing Our Podcast

Photo by Erkan Utu

We are Two Book Ramblers, a weekly podcast to get you to read beyond the lines. 

Starting October 7, we want to invite you into our weekly ramblings. We are not literary critics or English majors, actually this is far from truth. We are an accountant and a statistician; but, we have always loved books and we cannot help but talking about them.
In each episode, we are going to put together a list of books with a common theme. For these books, we will give you some inspiration to enhance your experience during reading, and after reaching the final sentence.

These inspirations will come in the form of recipes with book tie-ins, travel destinations inspired by books and authors, memorable covers,  screen or stage adaptations, and other bookish fashion, art, or design.

We want you to be part of our discussion. Every week we would like you to join us trying to review books in only 6 words (SIX WORD REVIEWS), battling books against each other (BOOK VS. BOOK), and guessing a book from its first line and a small excerpt (GUESSWORK).

Before parting each week, we will also tell you about what new books we are looking forward to have in our bookshelves. 

Come join us every week! Until next time, do as Shakespeare said and love all, trust a few, do harm to none. 


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